Good-bye Sámara, Hello México: a brief update

*For Airbnb/hotel recommendations in Sámara, Monteverde, and La Fortuna, scroll to the end of the post

If you’re not following us on Facebook, you might not know that our time in Costa Rica has come to an end. Technically, it ended about 3 weeks ago, but it’s been a busy 3 weeks! We finished our housesit in beautiful Sámara, Costa Rica at the beginning of November. I think we were all a bit surprised by how hard it was to say good-bye to the many friends we made while we there, including the homeowners we housesat for, who are such fantastic people. I guess that’s the one downside to slow travel–more good-byes. I’m so grateful for discovering TrustedHousesitters, which connected us with our Sámara homeowners and gave us nearly 3 months in paradise!

After we left Sámara, we spent a few days in the Monteverde Cloud Forest before leaving Costa Rica. It is a stunning place, and to everyone who told us it was a can’t-miss: THANK YOU! I’ll create a post just for Monteverde, including our first zip line experience (hint: it was terrifying!).

From Monteverde, we flew to Mexico City for a few days before our next housesit began. It’s the biggest city any of us have ever been to, and quite a jarring change from slow-paced, small-town Costa Rican life! Another post to come about our Mexico City experience (I’m so far behind!).

That catches us up to our current location in Puebla, Mexico, where we’re sitting for 2 huskies and a border collie! Puebla is another big city, though nowhere near the size of Mexico City. We’re re-acclimating to a climate that isn’t always 85 degrees Fahrenheit and 90% humidity. In other words, we’re FREEZING! The past few days have been between 55-65 degrees, and you’d think it was 30 by the way we’re acting. In our defense, it has been nearly 7 months since we were exposed to daytime temps below 80 degrees.

We’ll be here in Puebla until Christmas, when we’ll meet some family members for a Mexican beach Navidad. I can’t believe we’re so close to Christmas, and that we’ve been traveling for almost 5 months already!

Snow on the mountains between Mexico City and Puebla
Snow on the mountains between Mexico City and Puebla–surely that proves Christmas is almost here!

I’m working on the posts for Monteverde, La Fortuna, and Mexico City! If you have any questions about any of those locations, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll include it in my post!

Airbnb recommendations: Sámara, Monteverde, and La Fortuna, Costa Rica

I’ll include more details about each in the location-specific posts.

Sámara, Costa Rica: our housesit in Sámara included not only the owners’ place, but also two 2-bedroom/1 bath Airbnb apartments, as well. The location is in a residential area, surrounded by jungle, less than 1/2 mile from the beach. Additionally, there is a pool on the property, which is great for those really hot days when you just need a quick cool-off. Barbara and Enrico, the hosts, are fantastic people, and will help you with anything you need. The two apartments are: Casa Iguana/Iguana House and Casa Mono/Monkey House. You can also rent out both apartments as one booking.

Monteverde, Costa Rica: we stayed at Casa Paraíso, a working farm a few miles outside of the town of Monteverde. The house is very spacious–4 bedrooms/2 bathrooms–and the location is on the side of a mountain. Every morning, all I could think was, “What must it be like to wake up to this every day?” The family who owns the farm are the most lovely people, too!

La Fortuna, Costa Rica: I haven’t even mentioned our trip to La Fortuna yet, but we spent a few days there, admiring the volcano views, hiking to a waterfall, and soaking in the thermal river (so cool!). Our hotel, Hotel Villas Vilma, made the stay that much more enjoyable.



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