Costa Rica, here we come!

With two weeks left here in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala, we have our next country locked in! We’ve been hired to housesit in Sámara, Costa Rica for TWO MONTHS! If I seem excited, it’s because I am.

What? We’re going to Costa Rica?
This is not Costa Rica. This is Puerto Vallarta, one of our fav places. Costa Rica beach pics to come next month!

We were hoping to go to Costa Rica, but we had just decided a few days ago that it wasn’t going to work out right now, mainly due to cost, because Costa Rica is pretty expensive. Then, I happened to see a listing on Trusted Housesitters, applied for it, and we got accepted today. We’ll be in Sámara for the months of September and October!

Any tips for Sámara Beach or for a rainforest tour (mainly for bird watching and other animals) for after our housesit is over? Please share!


  1. Arenal volcano area is pretty neat but kinda touristy. It prob takes about 4 hours by bus from Samara. But some good hiking and there’s a lake there too. The Monteverde cloudforest takes that long as well (bad gravel road to get there) but super quaint little town (Santa Elena) is right next to it and great hiking. Good birding and there’s a serpentarium and a butterfly garden there. Have so much fun. I LOVE Costa Rica!!

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    • Thanks for all the tips! We might have to wait on the further away stuff until after our housesit is over, because we’ll have a dog to care for. Monteverde was on my radar already! Are there busses to take there or is renting a car the way to go?


    • So fun! We’re really looking forward to it, as well! I think it’s rainy season while we’re there, but it’s still CR and we’re still 1/2 mile from a gorgeous beach for two months!


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