San Antonio, Texas fun

Last weekend, I spent a few days in San Antonio, Texas, with my sister. We chose San Antonio because neither of us had been there before, it’s a fairly short trip (about 5 hours by plane from Boise), and it’s warmer than where either of us are living! If you find yourself with downtime in San Antonio, here are a few things to put on your list:

  1. The San Antonio River Walk is probably the most-hyped tourist attraction in San Antonio, and for good reason. It’s beautiful, full of public art, bridges, and outdoor amphitheaters, and great for both getting places and just meandering along the San Antonio River. (Grammar nerd alert: I’m so annoyed that “River Walk” is two words–does that bother anyone else?)

    San Antonio River Walk District
    Morning is the time to enjoy the River Walk district. In the evenings, it’s crowded with tourists, and you can’t walk 3 feet without dodging someone.
  2. If you have limited time, and want to check out a quick bit of history, head to The Alamo. I learned a lot that I hadn’t known before (did you know Davy Crockett died in the Battle of the Alamo? The “king of the wild frontier” is known in Texas for more than that awful song). If you have more time, the locals told us that some of the other historic Missions in the San Antonio area are even more impressive.

    The Alamo church
    “Remember the Alamo!” According to the top-notch video recreation of the history of the Alamo, this battle cry is responsible for the eventual victory of the Texas Independence fighters. I’m sure there were a few more factors involved, but that story wouldn’t be as cool.
  3. Pearl is a former brewery/industrial area that has been recently re-born into a little hipster bubble. It’s a fun place for a few hours’ walkabout and a meal. The River Walk actually extends all the way from the central “River Walk district” to Pearl, and the walk between the two includes all sorts of hidden gems.
    Pearl San Antonio
    You know it’s hipster when they call it “Pearl”. Not “The Pearl”, just “Pearl”.

    Pearl Food Hall
    Pearl Food Hall has a bunch of small eateries inside, and this fun outdoor seating area.
  4. One of San Antonio’s original townsites, La Villita is now on the U.S. government’s National Register of Historic Places as an Historic District. We stumbled upon it while walking around, and were immediately drawn to the quaint pedestrian walkways, courtyards, and an outdoor amphitheater on the banks of the San Antonio River.

    La Villita San Antonio
    I mean, really. Could it be any more charming?


Some of the public art we saw along the San Antonio River between Pearl and the River Walk district:


More River Walk fun:


My sis studied architecture and we’re both nerdy about fun buildings. We walked to Pearl from the River Walk district on the streets, and captured a bit of the wide architectural variety of San Antonio:


We both agree that San Antonio is perfect for a weekend getaway!

Sister's trip!
How could we not?

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