Guatemala is official!

5 ways
Promises, promises…

The little green owl can only take our Spanish so far, and my two years of college Spanish were longer ago than I care to admit. In the hopes of moving the needle toward fluency (or at least competent conversational), we’ve reserved our spots and paid our deposit to attend La Cooperativa language school on Lake Atitlán in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala! We will be arriving at our homestay with a local family on July 22, 2018, and will begin classes the following morning.

We will have class 5 days/week, 4 hours/day.  John, Bird Nerd, and I will each have our own one-on-one teachers; The Boss and The Entertainer will share a teacher (per the school’s recommendation).

Back to school
You’re either singing this song, or your brain’s stuck on “Promises, Promises”. You’re welcome.

We can’t wait to meet the beautiful country of Guatemala!

After our 4 weeks of language school, we’ll explore Guatemala a bit–Antigua is definitely on the list, as well as some of the other communities around Lake Atitlán (volcanos!). Have you been to Guatemala or studied in a language school homestay? Please offer up your must-dos and must-sees in the comments!


  1. Sounds like a great plan. When we go on our big trip we are planning two weeks of language school in Mexico. The where’s and how’s still to fine tune, but a homestay is a great plan. I look forward to seeing how you guys get on and how a long-term homestay as a family works out.

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    • We chose La Cooperativa after reading about it on another family travel blog, They took their two boys and had a great experience! We also like that the price is more affordable than a lot of schools, and that we pay the homestay family directly, rather than paying the school and hoping they give most of it to the family after taking their cut. It’s definitely more “rustic” than a lot of homestay situations, so that is a consideration, depending on what you’re looking for. La Cooperativa has a great mission, helping out the families in their community, too. If you decide to look at other countries for language school, definitely check out LC. I’ll write all about it in July!

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